What You Need to Know to Help You Win a Defective Product Claim

On determining whether or not you have reason to file a defective product liability claim, it sure proves helpful to know beforehand what the law would dictate for you to have a chance of winning the case. In this regard, lawyer firms such as Eppsteiner & Fiorica Attorneys, LLP whose website www.eppsteiner.com will shed more light on the subject, might be all you need to get on top of things.

Even though certain product liability laws may vary from state to state, in general it is required beyond doubt that you prove all of the following in order to win your case:

The product in question caused you injuries or you suffered losses
You got hurt due to product defects
You followed all guidelines and warning as laid out by the manufacturers
The product is definitely defective

How Would One Define Product Liability?

This would be an area where designers, retailers, and manufacturers are held responsible for their products that caused injuries to individuals or their property. In this regard, they will be accountable for any harm caused. This would require of them to compensate the affected person. There are numerous defective product lawyers and attorneys that can help you out such as Eppsteiner & Fiorica Attorneys, LLP.

The question on top of most people’s minds are whether absolute liability would apply where they faced no property damage or any personal injuries such as when an defective product exploded in their presence without causing any harm to anyone. Bear in mind though that term economic loss refers only to the loss of damages sustained by the buyer of a product that happens to be defective.

Types of Defective Products

It is indescribable the breach of trust one would feel once you got injured due to a defective product. Naturally, we would expect the products we buy to be safe and free of any defects that would cause us any harm.

Some examples of product defects would include; design defect, manufacturing defect, drug recalls, warning defect, food recalls, defective medical devices, faulty household products, medical equipment that is faulty, and unsafe products.

Defective manufactured products are often times the most common form of product liability claim of which some may include:

Swings that happen to have a cracked chain that would result in a fall
Cough syrup that has a poisonous ingredients in it
Vehicle that is missing brake pads

Another product defect we often hear about, would be design defects, which would include:

Cars that have a knack of flipping over when turning the corner
Sunglasses that do not protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays when it is suppose to
Electric blankets that malfunction when switched to a higher setting

Time to get Help?

You never know when you may need the services of a defective products attorney. Especially if you are faced with a complicated product liability claim. The website at www.eppsteiner.com/where-we-practice/california/california-defective-products.html will provide more advice in this regard.